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Vanavasi Gopalkrushna Bahuuddeshiya Mandal

In 1986 Sindhutai Founded organization called "Vanwasi Gopalkrushna Bahuudeshiya Mandal" during the period of struggle, she purchased nine acer land for the organizations future resources. She planned to start her future project in this place. With the understanding of the state of the affaires in chikhaldara and the consequences of the hunger pangs, the food for starving was decided to be the first step. Healthy means medical care and proper facilities for the expecting mothers will ensure healthy children.

Sindhutai Shrihari Sapkal

Deepak Shamrao Gaikwad

Children Education
Children Development
Literacy, Health & Family Welfare
Rural Development & Poverty Alleviation
Women's Development & Empowerment
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Dr. Sindhutai Sapkal ( MAI )

Sindhutai Sapkal AKA” Maai” & “MOTHER OF ORPHANS” is an Indian social worker especially working for raising orphans.

she has taken care of thousands of orphans while facing many difficult situations. She was conferred the Padma Shri in 2021 in Social Work category.

The founder of this philianthropic Institution, Mai has gone through untold troubles and hardships in life. Although educated only up to fourth standard, this lady of extraordinary courage, did realize the need of support and guidance to the under- priviledged and neglected children. She took great care of these children and loved them like their real mother. This is the reason why she came to be called Mai, which means mother in Marathi by this children. Mai faced many ups and downs during her journey but didn’t look back, she boldly stood firm giving a new life to the orphan child.


Deepak Gaikwad (Dada)


Maai has brought up many children in her wings, Deepak is first adopted child of Maai. At the age of 17-18, he meet Maai in one programme. Mai started her tremendous journey at Pune. Deepak’s family is not able to take proper care of him. He was looking for mother’s warm care, love and affection. In 1980-81, when Maai singing Bhajans and kirthans, he meet maai in one programme. From that day, Deepak lives with Maai. Maai nutured him with lots of love and care. From that day onwards, Deepak is only one witness of maai’s incrediable work. Every come and downs, while struggling for Tribals, struggling for cow, hunger strike, Deepak is like shadow with Maai. In 1986, Maai established Vanwasi Gopalkrushna Bahuuddeshiya Mandal organization, Deepak is working as secretary to solve the problems of tribals, who are suffering from forest deparments, mishioneries and wild animals.

In 1991, Deepak come at Pune, his native place Kumbharvalan, Tal.Purandar, Dist .Pune . On this place Maai started her first organization Mamata Bal sadan (orphanage for Boys and Girls) at Pune. The land of the Institute is donated by Mr. Shamrao Gaikwad, whose son Deepak is at present looking after the affairs of the Maai’s organization Vanwasi Gopalkrushna Bahuuddeshiya Mandal. Deepak has been working in this organization devotedly inspite of all the hardships and financial problems and difficulties which such organizations usually have to face in today’s times of turnmoll and self-centeredness.

Talking with Deepak, he often says that I am vey lucky man in this world, I found Maai as my mother, she has brought up many children who are now educated young men shouldering various, domestic and social responsibilities

- A great and commendable work of Maai and Deepak indeed